Stromfeld Aurel Cave, in Pilisborosjenő, Hungary

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After a many days work with digging  we got a big surprise. We thinked only a geological and speleological research of the Cave Stromfeld but we found a Celtic enamel bronze mounting in 2012. This found changed the research plan and also we need to get the permissions from the local and the national Museum of Hungary.

Celtic enamel bronze mounting discovered in 2012 in Cave Stromfeld.
The enamel was in the second chamber.
Celtic enamel bronze mounting discovered in 2012 in Cave Stromfeld.The blue-white-blue color was a typical celtic color combination.

The front and also the black side was covered by gold. Trace of gold visible only in bigger magnification on both side.
Two ancient bronze fund from the "second room". In this room
unfortunately the soil was highly disturbed, soil layers were not evaluable.
A little Geology.
This small stones prove that this place was a sea beach, and the movement of the sea formed this stones to round shape form.


This is a new cave discovered in Mai 2012  during a geological examination  of the Pilis mountain nearby the town Solyár, Üröm and Pilisborosjenő. The speleological research added to our task.
The steps of the discovery summarized in the BLOG menu.
Here you can see  the M 1:10.000 high resolution topographic map of the Aurel Stromfeld Cave nearbythetown Pilisborosjenő.
We made a map of the Cave Stromfeld Aurel in 2102. The data point I can show in 3D with a special caving software CaveXo. The colors represent the "deep" of the cave. Actualy this is now approx not more than 3 meters.

The data points of the cave map as vectors you can see in this picture left, made in Fountainware's CaveXO, I recommend you this free software.

Real 3D image of the cave.

 Vector Visualizer in 3D - free tool for visualizing vectors in three dimensions
This freeware program can help you not only to visualize vectors, points, and lines in three dimensions but also to share your 3D visualization with your friends.

Temperature measurement in the Cave Stromfeld. The current reading of the temperature on the picture is 12.3 Celsius grad. So we regurally check the temperature of the cave. Util now we dont get a special values. The table of the measuremet datas comming soon.
Here are somme pictures about our another reasearch area in Felsopeteny Hungary. This graphs represent the water temperature in the shallow deep under surface.
 This graphs represent the groundwater surface on Felsopeteny Hungary.

New workplace in Bánk in Nograd commitat
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