Stromfeld Aurel Cave, in Pilisborosjenő, Hungary

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In this blog we try to summarize the steps and the experiences of the geological and speleological research in the Cave Stromfeld Aurel in Pilisborosjenő, Hungary.

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COMPASS for Windows

Posted by Admin on June 20, 2012 at 4:45 PM Comments comments (41)

I summarize now the used software during made the map os the Cave Stromfeld. This is a very user friendly software package wich can learn quick and use easy. This is a package of Fountainsware

COMPASS for Windows

This is the basic cave surveying package. It contains everything you need to enter, edit and view cave survey data.

Cave-XO 3D Cave Viewer

This is an enhanced viewer that produces very realistic passage models. It  also allows you to do real-time, movie-like fly-throughs of the cave. This is an OpenGL version of the the 3D Viewer. It is the only version that will work on Windows Vista, Windows-7 and Windows 8. It also works Windows XP.

Temperature measurement in the Cave Stromfeld.

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Temperature measurement in the Cave Stromfeld.

The current reading of the temperature on the picture is 12.3 Celsius grad. So we regurally check the temperature of the cave. Util now we dont get a special values. The table of the measuremet datas comming soon.

We got a license

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So we got a speleological research license from the cental authirities, we can dig now. We can go into the place weakly once or if the team has a enough time then twice. For the effective work at the begining is enough three, four persons.

Second trip to the Cave Stromfeld Aurel

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We decided to go bakc to the Cave as soon as posible.

The research permisson we got from the authorities quick and smooth.

Picture about the begining

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Picture about the ground zero. Here we find a cave entry point.

Cave or not cave?

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Cave or not cave?

To be or not to be?

The main question is from the view of the bureaucracy, cave is sommething below the ground level longer than 2 meter.

Everybody can be sure this cave is longer.

The discovery

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After a many trip in the neibourhood of Budapest, we discovered a new cave not far from Pilisborosjenő in the Pilis mountain.

This place located appprox 20 km from the central of the Budapest, capital of Hungary.